We're Different!

We Are The Experts

We are an advanced skin & laser hair removal clinic, using equipment purpose-built to achieve superior results.

Our Equipment

We use the best equipment on the market today- medical grade laser equipment that is at the forefront of laser technology. Our equipment has four key strengths:

  • Our advanced Elite Plus laser is a medical grade device. This gives you better results that last longer, so you'll require fewer sessions, saving you time and money.

  • It is extremely quick and virtually painless.

  • Our laser is calibrated for every client, so we know the exact energy output of each and every pulse. 

  • Our laser will safely and effectively treat any skin tone. We don't take any chances with your skin and neither should you. 

Our Photon Smart LED Machine is cutting edge. Utilising a range of different wavelengths, we're able to treat a multitude of skin and other conditions extremely effectively. 

Our Diamond Microdermabrasion machine is a leader in it's field. We utilise 13 precision laser cut genuine diamond tips and adjustable suction to give you a completely personalised treatment. 

The Dermapen4 is in a league all of it's own. It's a cutting edge device which creates 104% more micro channels than the average needling device, allowing for a safer treatment, better healing response and faster results.

Our Therapists

Our staff are qualified to the highest level by an accredited institute and put through our own extensive in-house training. Our team is led and mentored by our Head of Clinical Therapies, who has obtained six individual qualifications across four continents. She has amassed almost two decades of industry experience and has personally performed over 85,000 treatments with proven results. We are committed to continuous education and the persuit of excellence.

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