Frequently Asked Questions

Am I suitable for treatment?

Our superior equipment can safely and effectively treat any skin tone.  The treatment is most effective on brown and black hair, however it is not suitable for blonde, white or grey hair. We offer a free consultation, where we can assess your suitability and provide a free test patch. 

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

IPL machines produce a broad spectrum wavelength and penetrate the skin on a shallow level, while Lasers produce a concentrated beam with a specific target (melanin in the hair follicle) and penetrate the skin to a deeper level. As a result of these differences, Lasers are for more precise and effective, and produce a long term result in a shorter number of sessions.

How many treatments will I need?

Each area is different and will respond differently to the treatment. In general we recommend 6-12 sessions on any given area for permanent results. Some maintenance sessions may be required as new hair growth appears. Ongoing maintenance sessions may be required for anyone with an underlying hormonal condition. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss your treatment program and expectations. 

I've never had laser hair removal before. What can I expect?

Treatments are not painful and can best be described as a mild rubber band flick. Our therapists will always make adjustments to ensure you are comfortable whilst still receiving an effective treatment. You may notice some redness, mild swelling or bumpiness- this is a normal response to the treatment. Your therapist will outline an aftercare program for you to follow to minimise your reaction.

Can I still have by bikini/ brazilian treated if I have my period?

Absolutely! The laser is attracted to the pigment in your hair, not to your blood, so there is no need to put off your treatment unless you are unwell or feel uncomfortable. A tampon can be worn for the duration of the treatment and clients are welcome to utilise our cleaning stations and bathrooms as necessary. Note that you may be a little more  sensitive around this time of the month.

Can I still have laser if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

To date, there are no conclusive studies to suggest that laser is unsafe for a pregnant or breastfeeding woman. Our current policy is that we require written permission from your doctor or obstetrician. This ensures you are completely covered by our insurance.

What areas can be treated?

We can safely and effectively treat any area of the face and body. Our highly experienced therapists have treated every inch of the human body, so don't be shy. We pride ourselves on providing a discreet and comfortable environment for each and every treatment.

Do you treat men?

Absolutely! We achieve fantastic results for all of our male clients. Our growing number of male clientele are a testament to our professionalism and comfortable environment. We warmly welcome new clients, male or female.

Can I have laser over the top of my tattoos?

Unfortunately, no. We cannot treat over tattoos as they may blister, burn, discolour of fade. 

What is included in a XXX female brazilian treatment?

Our XXX female brazilian treatment includes any hair present in the pubic area. Unlike many other clinics, the anus area is included free of charge (this area is optional). 

What equipment do you use?

We use the medical grade Elite Plus laser from Cynosure. Our equipment is the most advanced technology on the market today. To find out more, see our "We're Different" tab. 

I still have more questions...

We offer a complimentary consultation and test patch. Our highly experienced therapists can explain how laser works, what you should expect and can answer all of your questions, so you'll be completely informed before you get started. Call us now on 1300 868 233 or text 0431 006 324 to make a booking today.